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Bennett Zhi Cong Lin

Bennett Zhi Cong Lin

Bobby Chaniel

Bennett Lin is a recently graduated Audio Engineer from SUNY New Paltz’s Class of ’21.

The native New Yorker grew up as a first-generation Chinese-American in Flushing, Queens.

Bennett is an independent music artist who releases Hip-Hop & R&B songs under the pseudonym, Bobby Chaniel.

He also known under his producer alias, 808 CHAN.

Utilizing his extensive background in music, he composes instrumentals, record vocals and mix his projects on Logic Pro.

Developing ideas into sound is a routine that Bennett is passionate about.

When it comes to tackling challenges such as his first time Sound Designing a student-run production,

being able to effectively communicate between his artistic choices and logistic needs

highlight Bennett’s flexibility as both a creative and an objective-oriented thinker.